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Main Applications
Processing Varieties of Hardware Cloth
Basic Specifications and Packing
Weaving Pattern and Openings
Black Mild Hardware Steel Wire Cloth
Surface Treatment
Gabion Box
Perforated Sheet
Expanded Metal Cloth
Galvanized Wire
Vinyl PVC Coated Hareware Fence
Galvanized Mesh Hardware Cloth
Welded Mesh Hardware Cloth, Light & Heavy Type, Materials including electro gal carbon steel, stainless steel welded mesh and pvc coated welded.
Black Vinyl Coated Hardware Cloth
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Hardware Cloth
Plastic Coated Square Mesh Hardware Cloth
Black Iron Woven Mesh Hardware Cloth
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cloth
Fiberglass Mesh
Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Hardware Cloth
Brass Mesh Filter Wire Cloth
Copper Wire Mesh Cloth
Phosphor Bronze Wire Cloth
Special Wire Mesh Fabric
Wire Cloth Fabricated Products
FRP tank & FRP tower
Standard Type Rebar Coupler
Cold Drawn Bright Steel Bar


Hardware Cloth, Square Opening Metal Wire Mesh Cloth,is available in a welded or wovenconstruction. It is made of high quality black steel wire, galvanized iron wire and stainless steel wire.

It is sturdy, durable and rust-resistant.

Hardware cloth welded mesh is used in construction as reinforcing mesh and civil uses as wire screens for vents, louvers, welded mesh fencing, baskets, wire racks, trays, cages, dehydrators and miscellaneous sheet metal fabrications.

Galvanized woven mesh hardware cloth is mainly for window screening and mine screening. Black wire cloth made of the twilled weave offers close mesh spacing and good filtration ratings. It can be punched into discs for filter elements.

Black Hardware Cloth Filter Disc Welded Wire Racks

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